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Internet of Things

Machine to Machine


IoT/M2M System

We program, update, and integrate embedded IoT/M2M gateway solutions for microcontrollers, sensors, and processors for smart devices to connect to the cloud for real-time data processing


Broad IoT/M2M Connectivity

Custom web services development and API integration for IoT/M2M Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) using REST & SOAP protocols to facilitate bi-directional JSON & XML communication between software systems


Get Devices


We develop customized Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols to allow wireless and smart devices to be discoverable over LAN / Wi-Fi networks, NFC, ZigBee, plus Bluetooth hardware for auto-discovery to reconcile and validate smart devices

Intuitive Controls

& Interfaces

We create intuitive user dashboards and human-machine interfaces for IoT/M2M devices to manage the input & output of a wide range of functionalities and visualize mission critical data for device monitoring, control, alerts, and security management


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Specialized Technologies

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