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"Industry First"


Industry First

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – June 8th, 2017 – In an industry first, Diogras' valet experience product, Vark, has taken the market by storm and continues to innovate and impact the future of valet by utilizing unique technologies like image recognition, Geocoding, and mobile software.

This product eliminates the need for any paper product, from the ticket that a valet driver would give a customer to the ticket that valet drivers would use to distinguish keys. The combination of the customer app, valet driver app, and the cloud-base monitoring system seamlessly comes together to create a well-oiled operation that provides a much better customer and operator experience while increasing operational efficiencies.

Don’t forget, we’re GoGreen! Doing our part for the planet by eliminating paper waste.

As innovative as this product already is, we couldn’t stop at Version 1 (v1).

To keep up with an ever changing and improving technological world, Diogras improved the solution with an upgrade that will alter the way operators manage their employees time and attendance. Our Time, Attendance, and Wage management features the ability to control labor costs to save money, eliminate time theft, consolidate powerful reporting and analytics and simplify your time tracking. 

Companies using the Vark Time, Attendance and Wage Management solution can eliminate calculation errors by importing files directly into their HR/Payroll systems. It also applies overtime rules to notify the operation in real-time when employees are approaching the "overtime zone".

The American Payroll Association estimates that as much as 5 minutes per employee per day are lost due to employee time theft. Without an automated time and attendance solution companies tend to overpay employees by 2% - 10% of gross payroll due to time theft. Vark's TNA and Wage Management solution helps you reduce time theft by accurately tracking location and time to the nearest millisecond. Gain complete visibility with Vark's reporting solutions which empower you with informed real-time decision-making capabilities, so you can easily convert data into actionable, valuable information when it matters.

Instant access for managers and executives to reporting, query, and analysis tools, enables your organization to proactively manage business needs, instead of just reacting to them. Vark's next generation in-app time & attendance software features a powerful and easy to use interface which gives you instant real time insight to effectively manage your valet's time attendance data virtually anywhere. Vark reduces the number of hours required to process employee time & attendance and automatically calculating total worked hours including overtime.  This new feature also includes added security for the valet drivers with a 3-part authentication system that identifies the employees from 3 components. 

Stay tuned to Vark’s journey and new features on the horizon!

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