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Innovation Lab

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – August 8th, 2018 – As the summer comes to an end, Diogras has an exciting announcement about our valet experience product suite, Vark. Vark has recently been selected by the San Diego Airport executive team, out of many other products, to take part in the groundbreaking San Diego Innovation Lab. The San Diego Airport provides a unique innovation lab experience where Travel & Hospitality products can be evaluated and tried out with real passengers.

Diogras’ Director of Product Marketing and Sales, Kris Nickell, says, “We are overjoyed with excitement as we partner with the San Diego County Airport Authority to bring our valet experience solution, Vark, to airport passengers. We know how much the environment means to local San Diegans and we look forward to mitigating the excessive use of paper in the valet industry as well as making for a more convenient and enjoyable experience from the curb. Our belief is that you shouldn’t have to park at all, you should just Vark – The Smartest Way to Valet.”


The focus is on innovative solutions that revolve around improving the airport experience with the objective of improving operational efficiencies, increasing revenue, decreasing costs and enhancing the passenger experience.


The Innovation Lab is a 16-week program that is split up into four phases that are meant to guide the innovator on a growth path for their product to potential enhancements that would significantly impact the airports environment and solve unique challenges that they might face.  

The San Diego Airport emphasizes that the benefits of this lab include “empowering innovators,” “guided collaboration,” “sprint set-up,” and “scaling it.” These benefits stem from the previously mentioned ability to test out your product on real passengers, as well as meet with airport industry experts and receive mentoring to sharpen the product for an airport environment.

The idea for this lab stemmed from the difficulties that are encountered upon attempting to enter the airport industry. Though this is a large and growing market, ripe for innovators, it is coupled with a difficult to understand market—making insider knowledge and access incredibly valuable. As mentioned before, the benefits of this program are numerous, and we will leave with a greater understanding of the airport industry with the potential to implement the Vark solution into the San Diego Airport permanently. 

We are excited to see where this journey takes us, so be sure to follow Vark on social media for more updates and to take this journey with us!

Remember, you shouldn't have to Park. Help us spread the news that you should just Vark - The Smartest Way to Valet.


Kris Nickell



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