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"Marlyn Group Partner"


Marlyn Group Partnership

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – September 27th, 2017 – Diogras, Inc is happy to announce its recent partnership with Marlyn Group ( as it continues to disrupt the valet parking experience ( The partnership will provide mentoring, customer and partner development support as we continue to grow our businesses.


“We are thrilled to join in partnership with Marlyn Group to collaborate and push the industry forward with innovative technology and efficiencies,” said CEO of Diogras, Valerie Noblitt.

Marlyn Group is a consultancy specializing in building and advancing strong teams in the parking industry. As a premier technology solution, it was logical for Vark to partner with such an established company to have access to the thought leadership and the ability to collaborate and partner with other industry operators and consultants.   


“As Vark continues to grow, it is partnerships like the one with Marlyn Group that give our clients access to the right thought leaders to assist in providing the best valet experience.”, said Kris Nickell, Director of Product Sales and Marketing, Diogras.


Vark is making the valet journey for both end customers and valet operators mobile and modern. With this strategic partnership, Vark hopes to connect our clients with Marlyn Group and their best practices for building great teams and providing insight to operational efficiencies as they so often do with their clients.


“When Kris contacted us about a partnership opportunity, we were excited to learn more.  Through our interactions with the Vark solution and team, it became evident that we have a mutual goal of moving the parking industry forward.  We are excited to play a role in implementing the Vark solution.”, said Vicki Per, Principal, Marlyn Group. 


Let Vark help you deliver a first impression and last impression that’s worth talking about.


Vark – The Smartest Way to Valet


About Diogras, Inc and Vark 


Diogras is an IT Services and Consulting company with over 16 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies bridging the gap between business and technology. We provide our clients with expert technical consulting to address needs from custom software development to modernizing legacy applications to meet the demands of the digital world. Our unique approach to engagements, leveraging our mature Agile practices, allows us to deliver high-quality, high-value solutions at the speed of business.


With Vark, we took a deliberate approach to customer experience and the journey of both the end customer (those that valet their vehicle) and the valet operators. In many cases, Valet is the first impression when arriving at a location, so offering a great customer experience is critical to the impression guests have of your business. After many business trips to conferences and events, enough was enough with bad valet experiences. One particularly painful experience included a trip to Las Vegas with 6+ hours spent in the “valet process” either trying to drop off or pick up  a vehicle over the course of 4 days. With our technical expertise, we set off to solve the problem of “First Impressions are the Last Impressions.” For more information on our patent-pending valet solution visit us at  


About Marlyn Group


Marlyn Group is a consultancy specializing in building and advancing strong teams in the parking industry. Our holistic approach combines executive search and placement with management consulting to provide unique insights. From search to strategy, we shape and advise excellent teams for excellent business.


Our search process is driven by deep industry insight and fine-tuned management tools. We begin by listening to your unique needs and targeting the best new forces in your next team. We believe in building teams of complementary strengths. Our own success takes root in that approach, and yours can, too.


Our people-performance metrics illuminate what’s working and what’s not; our specialized knowledge and experience help us see why from an unbiased perspective. We shape teams into highly functioning units, consolidating strong team sustainability, forecasting assurance, and overall efficiency.


Kris Nickell



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