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"New Branding"


New Branding

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – August 15th, 2018 – Many months ago, Diogras began to evaluate how we were viewed in the market and the impact our brand had online. We concluded that our web presence needed to more accurately reflect our growth in capabilities to move our brand forward.

In fact, not only did we overhaul our design completely, but we also recognized that we could provide a more engaging web experience by adding more content. So we went under renovation!


The one thing we couldn’t afford to do is let our online presence detract from the truly innovative services that we are providing daily!

Our CEO Valerie Noblitt captured our purpose best with her synopsis of our mission statement: “Our number one priority is our customers. What can we do to add value to their business and help them be successful, because if they are successful then we will be successful.” 

Being so focused on delivering projects, it seemed that our own needs had been put on the back burner. Something as simple as a website; which in fact, really isn’t that simple, is quite crucial in our line of work, and we needed a launching pad that better represented us as the unique technology company that we are.

We took time to research the best way to depict both our exciting new products and the extensive services we offer to help our clients step into the future. The forward thinking aspect of our company helped us narrow down our new layout to one that took advantage of some newer trends of website design without being over trendy. Most importantly, we also focused on choosing a design that was easy to navigate, compelling to read, and something that would give our clients more information about how we can help them.

Kris Nickell, Director of Marketing and Sales, described the effort of improvement as, “completely necessary to be relevant in today’s digital world. The very first thing I personally do when researching a person, company, or product is visit their website. If it looks like its dated, then I’m immediately turned off and it’s very unlikely that I’ll do business with them. Our primary objective was to create an effortless web experience that would attract the viewer to want to read more, to want to learn more, and to of course, reach out to us easily.


When you visit our website, something you’ll notice is that we have given the viewer an opportunity to reach out to us on every single page. We did this intentionally, and this goes back to our motto of ‘how can we make viewing our website effortless and easy to navigate."


In the end, we are extremely excited for the future here at Diogras and this new branding is just the beginning.


Kris Nickell



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