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"Valet Innovation"


Valet Innovation - Introducing Vark

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – July 3rd, 2017 – The word valet conveys a luxurious tone, one that paints a picture of a curbside service that could remove the effort and time it would take to self-park a vehicle.  However, the reality today involves lengthy lines and wait times, sometimes in the cold, rain or heat, which often makes this luxury feel more like a hassle – and that’s just the customer side.


Put yourself in the operator’s seat and things get a whole lot more complicated. Filled with plastic key tags, special grease pencils, paper tickets, expensive tablets and even more expensive kiosks.

Well Vark has the solution for both. A great experience for both the operators and the customers with minimal or no extra cost.


After talking to valets and watching many valet operations around the courtry, we realized that there were several ways that the valet industry could be disrupted. From this realization and the desire to provide a tool to solve these problems once and for all, the idea for Vark was born. Combining over 40 years of technology experience and thought leadership from valet consultants, we have the solution that will modernize the valet industry and provide a much better experience.


The old world process is typically a very manual operation utilizing paper tickets or dated technology like text messaging and often leaves both customers and operators wasting time and unfulfilled. This can all be eliminated by using our patent-pending valet platform, Vark.


With the tap of a button:

  • Customers can request their vehicle

  • Prompt your valets to pick up a vehicle on their way back from dropping one off

  • View operational analytics

  • Provide in-app marketing to drive additional revenue

  • Clock In/Out

  • And so much more…


To learn more visit or contact us directly at


Kris Nickell



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