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Wearable Technology Software Solutions

Wearable technology software solutions combine hardware, embedded low-level software, data visualization, mobile applications, cloud architecture, and analytics to facilitate speed and scalability, and optimize on-device and web interfaces for users in industries such as fitness, healthcare, home automation, and business


Wearable App Development

Our developers provide custom wearable app development services for platforms such as Android and iOS, as well as seamlessly upgrade existing Android/iOS apps to make them compatible with wearable devices

IoT Wearable Technology Software

We develop IoT (Internet of Things) wearable technology software with features and applications that enable functions such as data integration across apps and devices, multi-device data exchange, in-cloud data storage, controlled firmware updates, autonomous computer communication, and data analytics and reporting


Software to

Hardware Integration

We provide software to hardware integration solutions that facilitate the integration and development of embedded software for hardware such as Reduced Instruction Set (RISC) microcontrollers, Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors, and Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC)


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Specialized Technologies

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