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In Gaelic, Diogras means integrity and we realize there is a need to provide the integrity of small company consulting collaboration for clients of all sizes.


Our marriage of strong IT experience and transparent and collaborative engagements allows us to deliver the highest quality IT and consulting solutions while maintaining a close tie to our client's business needs and objectives to ensure high value delivery in both time and dollars.

PRESS RELEASE: 9/17/2020

News Article - 

A "Hidden Gem"

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – September 17, 2020 – Recently Diogras’ very own, Agent Reverb, has had the extreme pleasure of being recognized as a ‘hidden gem’ mobile game. We wanted to take that opportunity to give back to our industry in any way we could.

What we came up with was a contest to connect with as many people as we could with just the simple task of sharing a favorite childhood or present-day game that you like to play. As people across the country started to comment and share their favorite childhood game, we extended our contest because of the wonderful Labor Day Weekend to allow everyone the opportunity to participate.

Diogras extended a congratulations to the LinkedIn contest winner, Andrew Lo, a software developer out of San Jose, California with a $50 Amazon gift card.

To learn more about Diogras’ portfolio and capabilities visit our website or contact us directly at

We also invite you to check out Agent Reverb if you have not already. You can download it by scanning the QR code below or find it on your mobile device's app store.


Austin Miller



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